The AshRalds

In the eyes of many, they are the followers and believers of the Sarah Geronimo and Gerald Anderson tandem. Fans as they call it. The nice and classy AshRalds.

But, for me, they are more than just fans,more than just a group. They are friends…they are family. 

The AshRalds have gone a long way now as I can recall. From the judgments and negativities that the tandem received when it first started to the now ever growing family, I have seen how different and special they are.

As they are unified by their love for Sarah and Gerald, I can see that it is now more than that. Look beyond and you can feel that now, what truly binds them together is the friendship and love they all have for one another. No matter where they are from or if they are all from different walks of life, that did not stop them from sharing an amazing friendship. It is truly great seeing that no matter where one is at, the distance never mattered but instead it makes the friendship grow stronger. As the family continues to grow, the more I can see how they have influenced their lives and the lives of other people greatly, including mine. Through the ups and downs of the tandem and of this family and in their personal lives, not once have I seen that each one has failed to be there for the other. Amazing indeed! The family that has started with nothing is now overflowing with blessings and with love. I wish and hope that those who can’t see how wonderful each one is in this family be able to open their eyes and hearts to see beyond and feel what real love is and what friendship really is. And more importantly, what family means because family is not just about a mom and a dad and siblings and etc, but a family is where you feel “home”. And ain’t it great to see people from different walks of life with different beliefs and personalities become one? How amazing is that? And one more thing that I really look up to in this family is that they know and never fails to give back without asking for something in return but to give back because they wanted to with their whole hearts. They are truly very inspiring people.

I want to thank them because they made me feel that I am part of their family, that they let me be part of such an amazing journey. As the days and the months and years go by, I have nothing but just one prayer for this family…that it’ll continue to grow and to inspire and share the love each one of them has in their hearts. And I will be forever grateful of Papa God for Sarah and Gerald and for giving the AshRalds a heart that loves unconditionally.

And to the AshRald family, continue to inspire and to share the goodness of your hearts and to keep the love and the faith that brought you,us, all together. 

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